With Athlete Tracker you keep your training and performance on track.

Tracking Modules include:

  • Event & Program Scheduling
  • Workload Level Monitoring
  • Performance Analysis & Video
  • Diet, Nutrition & Hydration
  • Rest, Recovery & Wellbeing
  • Injury Management & Rehab
  • Coach, PT or Mentor Reporting
  • Talent Identification & Comparison

The Athlete Tracker system allows you to connect a coach, mentor, physio, doctor or club for them to access the parts of your data they need to support you.

Athlete Tracker is designed for monitoring developing athletes, especially when moving from junior sport to a higher level of training and workload right through to professional athletes.

Athlete Tracker was initially developed by a junior football coach who noticed that his players transitioning from u14s to elite representative training were developing strain related injuries, both through physical workloads increasing too fast, and also due to the athlete participating in multiple sports which caused workloads to be too high, especially during the rapid physical growth phases between 13 and 18.